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Zodiac Sign Leo Personality Traits – The second will surprises you

People with LEO zodiac sign are the energetic, creative and radiant one that light up the zone of the zodiac. People born between the dates of July 22 – August 23 carry this star. Sun as a ruling planet, people with Leo carry the sign of LION.

According to astrology, Leo personality traits symbolize the needs of ego in people. Ambition, love, confidence, power is the mixture in the personalities of these people.

Leos can fully understand their expressions through different actions. Leadership is the topmost personality trait of this zodiac sign. They are rulers and tend other pals to follow their lead.

The most positive trait of Leo is that their ego doesn’t indulge their soft spot. With the warmth of their charming personality, Leo personality traits are sunny in nature.

Do your star is LEO? What are the prominent characteristics of Leo Personalities?

According to the study of astrology, people with Leo personality traits are self-assured and confident. They know how to present themselves and use grand gestures for making their presence more prominent.

Leos have a FIRE element in their personality, and they hate selfishness and pettiness. With an extremely honorable wave, Leos always get stick to their words. People with this sign find a lot of pride in an environment. They know how someone can do better hospitality and entertain others.

Excited to learn more positive and negative traits of people having this zodiac sign? Let’s have a look

Positive Traits:


Loyalty is the main trait of LEOs. They are extremely loyal to their family, love, and friends and yes expect the same gesture from others. Leo personalities are proved to be the most trustworthy individuals in their relationships.

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Positive Attitude:

Leos always promote a positive attitude among others. According to the studies, Leo zodiac quality is fixed. They don’t want someone to feel pity for them. Leos do not wait for their luck to give opportunities instead of this they create one for them.


A Leo is always idealistic for anyone. These people defend others until they have blue in their face. People born with LEO sign are quite straight forward. They confidently say what they are feeling.


Due to the rule of Sun, Leos are always energetic and pile up with dozens of kindness and gracious helpful nature. As they have blasts of energy, Leo is the one who can’t seat back if something erroneous happens.

Negative Traits:

Controlling and bossy:

Leo can be strict in nature and expect other people to behave subserviently. They can interfere in the matters of others and bully them. When any situation is not under their control, they start to throw fiery tantrums.

Competitive, Ego and Anger:

People with this zodiac sign have a fragile ego. They can’t stand with people who outshine them. In these situations, they become angry and competitive and with extreme frustration they won’t hesitate to use cunning words, lies and lose their regal composure.

leo people are anger

Prideful and dogmatic:

Leo personalities hold onto the wrong side of the discussion and hold stubborn pride. Sometimes they have zero-ability for self-reflection and will never admit that they have made a mistake.

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