Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Personality Traits – The second will surprise you

Energetic, love traveling, idealistic, nature has gifted Sagittarius with great courage and bravery. People with this zodiac sign are born around the dates of November 22 – December 21.

With an open-mind and philosophical point of views, a Sagittarius always want to wander the true meaning of this world. With an extrovert and optimistic nature, people with this star always love difficult challenges.

 In Astrology, it is mentioned that the Sagittarius-born are the biggest travelers among all zodiac stars. They have an ability to transform their thoughts into concrete actions, and yes, no one can stop them if they have made their mind.

What are the characteristics of Sagittarius personality?

What are the characteristics of Sagittarius personality? What is their main element? How are they different from other stars?

FIRE is the element of this zodiac sign, and they constantly need to connect the world to experience as much as they can. They have the fire in their thoughts and can pass any obstacle in achieving their goals.

Jupiter, the largest planet in zodiac circle, is also the ruling planet of Sagittarius. With extreme enthusiasm, people under this zodiac sign are passionate, have a great sense of humor and have no boundaries for curiosity.

Freedom as their greatest treasure, individuals with this star love to explore different cultures, traditions, and philosophies. Their love for their family is unconditional.

According to astrology, they are selfless and always put their friends, family and job duties first before their selves.

Honesty is their biggest weapon; they are always tactless and impatient to share their thoughts with the outer world. And this thing sometimes creates difficulties for them.

What are the main traits of Sagittarius personality?

What are the main traits of Sagittarius personality? What are their strongest and weakest points of these personalities? Let’s have a look….




Sagittarius people are positive

Positivity & Intellectuality:

Due to an optimistic nature, people with this zodiac sign always look for the bright side of the picture.  With the power of their great intelligence, these people can leave a great influence on the mind of people. With an extreme level of passion, these people love to learn about different subjects.



Individuals under this zodiac sign have a philosophical point of view. With a strong sense of wrong and right, people born with this fire sign are in favor of spiritual matters. 



Sagittarius-born is adventurous in nature. They love to explore the different traditions and cultures of the world.


Straightforward and logical:

Inhabitants with this zodiac sign are logical, and they always say what they think about another person. They won’t hesitate to talk about brutal realities and sometimes hurt the feelings of other people with their harsh comments.




Due to careless nature, Sagittarius-born always takes things for granted. They won’t hesitate to take dangerous risks and attract criticizing comments from other people.

Sagittarius people are impatient


People under this zodiac sign are impatient and restless; they always push things to the point from where they can’t have any control over them.

Inconsistent & overconfident:

Their interest in things can last long only for a few days, and this is the only reason that they cannot bring consistent results. Sagittarius-born is overconfident; they take other people for granted. In their point of view, they are perfect and don’t make any mistake.

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